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French River Resorts Association

R.R. #1
Alban, Ontario, Canada

Travel Directions

Easy Access: Highway 400 (Hwy 69), running north and south between Sudbury and Parry Sound, provides the major road access to the area. Conveniently located 3.5 hours north of Toronto you will find the business resort members of the French River Resorts Association that will welcome and serve you doing your family vacation or holidays. Choose a trailer park, campground, tenting facilities, lodges, resorts, motels, hotels, restaurants, souvenirs, golfing, marina services, American Plan resorts camps, cabins, boat canoe rentals in a historical Heritage Canadian Park.

Travel Distances to the French River Area

Some of our resorts and lodges of the French River Resorts Association access is by water or air. Rugged, rocky ledges, beaver ponds, and distance prevents the development of road access, thus, keeping the area pristine.

Distance Miles Km
Toronto 195 313
Buffalo 295 474
Rochester 370 595
Cleveland 485 780
Pittsburgh 495 769
Harrisburg 575 925
Detroit 438 704
Sault Ste Marie 240 384
Ottawa 304 490

Air Travel

Toronto Airport and Sudbury Airport North Bay Airport are the closest major airports. Check with member business regarding options for shuttle,services, lodge services and car rentals to and from airports to businesses. about shuttle service, lodge services or rental services from the airports to the businesses.

Drive to the French River Area

Discover and explore the 3 sections of the French River water system.

Main Channel:  Drive in road access direct from Hwy. Hwy 69. Turn East (Northbound – right; Southbound Left) onto Hwy 607 or Hwy 64.
North Channel:  Drive in and boat access from Hwy 69. Turn West (Northbound – left; Southbound Left) onto HWy 64. Continue 12 more miles to Hwy 528 (Wolseley Bay road).
Lower French River Delta:  Drive in and boat access from Hwy 69. Turn West (Northbound – left; Southbound right) onto Hartley Bay Road.

Passports are required by air travels to enter Canada and return to US; passports or passcards are required by land and travel enter Canada and return to US.

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